Wood has been a material that has been used for generations in home decor items. This leads to one of the greatest advantages. It is not a fad. Wood decor will always impact interior decoration whether for wall art decor or rustic farmhouse cabinetry. It will not go out of style or pass into memory as other things such as shag carpets. Wood has been with us since man shaped the first tools and it will remain with us.

Wood use as art has existed just as long as its use for furniture, home decor, or primitive tools. It can be used in both modern and rustic settings. Often within urban settings people will seek out items such as wall art which bring more of a natural feel and life to their world. When it comes to its beauty there are few things that can compare.

Naturally wood comes in various colors, textures, and as it grows the wood grain which is created is unique from tree to tree. It becomes its own fingerprint. This makes each piece of timber unique. Aside from its beauty wood is low maintenance and sturdy. As home interior decor rough handling is typically never a problem and often it will shake off minor abuse before it’s stressed to breaking. Pieces can last for many generations.

In past years of modern history wood was not always the first choice of medium for artists. Paints, canvass, clay or other mediums of art have become common in our era. Modern chemistry and technology has allowed for explosive growth in what the art world has to offer and its uses. Yet with that advance in technology the world of wood working has also seen explosive growth in wood art over the past ten to twenty years.

As technology and tooling has continued to improve with time there has been a return to the beauty of wood decor. This has also come about from a cultural shift which has been taking place as people begin to search for the more organic in life. With modern tooling capabilities more can be done than ever before with wood art.

This has a two fold effect. Indeed more beauty can be brought about from the process but also more a more responsible use of resources with minimal waste. For those in the wood art community this will bring about the argument of a purists view versus modern tools. Despite this one cannot argue against the benefits of what technology has allowed.


Cost of Art to Quality of Art

What about the cost? While this article is not focused on comparison of quality, one must know that a quality artistic creation can gain in value when compared to other home decor. It is this kind of wood art which become antiques or heirlooms within a family.

More unique pieces from a certain wood artist can become coveted or sought after. It is aspects like this which become the driving force behind desiring the work of an artisan as compared to Hobby Lobby.

The advantages of wood art and decor reach beyond the aesthetic or home interior design sales pitch. It holds tangible artistic value and can provide beauty to any room or home. The outcome can be seen as an investment and lasting family piece.


Wood Art is a Natural Design

There is something to be said about the organic nature of this kind of art. When compared to various arts such as oil paintings, glass work, or metal working it stands out among them. It is my opinion that few others can compare.

While the wood may be cut, formed, and shaped, it still remains within its natural state. The art is presented through the wood and its natural state does not change. The artisan enhances the beauty of what already exists while adding his creation to the wood.

You could say the wood and the artist must work together in order to form an artistic creation as compared to other mediums. This is part of the natural design in wood art. At times the wood will decide what it wants to become based on how it is shaped by nature.

With wood the organic beauty is brought out and given life by the artist. It will not fade or diminish in beauty through time. With minimal and basic care it will outlast other mediums. These basic properties is what has made wood art pass through thousands of years as being one of the most popular mediums and it stands firm.

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