5 Benefits of Using Live Edge Slabs in Your Home

Everyone wants their home to be stylish, while also reflecting those who inhabit it. One way to add some individuality to your living space is by integrating live edges wood slab with your current décor. These stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces can be incorporated in a variety of ways. Here are five benefits of using live edge slabs in your home.

They Incorporate Tradition and Modern Aesthetics

Live edge wood slabs use a process that maintains and showcases the natural edge of the tree after it is cut. This look may be trending today, but its history dates back hundreds of centuries. However, it rose to popularity when introduced by architect George Nakashima back in the 1940s, who embraced the individuality of each piece of wood. This style has seen a resurgence lately and can be mixed into any décor, whether classic or contemporary.

They Act as Artwork in Your Living Space

Since live edge pieces are derived from trees, each slab is one of a kind and will have its own story to tell in its grain, knots and burrs. They come in a variety of woods, sizes, colors and price points. You should choose the one that speaks most to you. By displaying these wonders, you are introducing a piece of true art into your home.

They Transform the Room by Adding a Focal Point

Live edge slabs bring a natural, organic feel to wherever they are situated. When you walk into a room that contains one, your eye is immediately drawn there. This is especially true when the item is large, such as a dining or coffee table, counter, or kitchen island. The rustic appearance and beauty of the wood is hard to resist.

They Bring Nature into Your Dwelling

One way to connect our inner selves with the great outdoors is by incorporating a piece of nature into your living space. Many studies have shown that by doing so, we increase our connectivity with the environment, and this in turn reduces our stress and anxiety. Using these slabs for the top of your coffee or dining table makes the piece feel “alive” as opposed to a “dead” such as those derived from man-made materials.

They Merge Aesthetics and Functionality

Live edge slabs have a dual purpose. In addition to their visual appeal, they are also highly functional and durable. At Hardwood Lumber Company, we air dry each piece of wood for at least a year, and then kiln fire it before further refinishing. If you aren’t ready to bring a large piece into your home, begin with a smaller item such as a shelf, cutting board or trivet. Using a cutting board made of such wood under your hands while chopping vegetables feels entirely different, and inherently more pleasing, than when you are preparing a meal on plastic.

Unique pieces made with our high-quality live edge wood will become an asset and heirloom in your home. They are eye-catching and beautiful, yet functional, too. Contact us today for assistance with choosing your own beautiful live edge slab to transform your living space.

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