How to Benefit From Using Wood for Interior Columns

Columns are one of those architectural details that can be used in a wide variety of materials and styles. While all columns are lovely, wood has benefits no other material can give. Today we want to focus on the benefits you receive when using wooden columns inside your home.

Practical Advantages

  • Increased insulation - reduce heating/cooling costs
  • Increased balance in humidity - absorbs moisture
  • Mood stabilizer - produces positive physiological results
  • Acoustic insulator - great for absorbing sounds
  • Green living - a natural renewable resource
  • Structural support - accomplish room division without using walls

Wood is a natural insulator. Using wooden columns in your home can cut down on your heating and cooling costs. The amount it can help is directly related to the amount of natural product you use during construction. Since wood absorbs moisture which helps regulate humidity in a room.

On the same note, being a natural product has other hidden advantages as researchers have discovered:

Recent research by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada has shown that wood in interior design can actually have positive health benefits. It turns out that there are observable physiologically positive responses to wood, nature, and natural effects.

By adding half-column pilasters as wall accents in a multimedia room not only do you achieve a classy style and elegance, you incorporate a natural sound insulator. Wood columns can be manipulated to redirect sound reflections resulting in structural and acoustic balance.

Since wood is a natural, renewable resource using it will go far in our ongoing efforts to live a green lifestyle. Many think cutting down trees is counter-productive to living green. However, quite the opposite is true. Processing wood releases significantly fewer harmful carbon emissions than manufacturing any other material.

Whether you are contemplating columns for practical or decorative purposes, it is important to know that all Worthington Millwork's columns are made to be load bearing. Therefore, they can be used for structural integrity as well as aesthetics. Define spaces with wooden columns rather than walls to maintain open, free-flowing movement between rooms.

Décor Advantages

  • Add capital and base options for a finished look
  • Decorative support for furnishings
  • Brings class and elegance to dress up any room
  • Can be painted or stained as redecorating needs arise
  • Visual warmth

Any style you are working with can employ columns. From modern to rustic, Craftsman to Greek, fluted or plain, round or square - Worthington Millwork can accommodate your needs. Don't overlook capital and base options when choosing your columns. We have several from which to choose to complete your look.

"Load-bearing" not only applies to supporting a ceiling or additional level, but also to supporting kitchen islands, range hoods, even dining tables. They can be used structurally with shelving to create bookcases or media units. Your imagination is your only limit in how to utilize wooden columns inside your home.

Finishing your wooden column with a stain allows the beauty of the wood's markings to shine through giving your room a visual natural warmth. Our wooden columns come ready for paint or stain, as desired. Having this option is an advantage down the road should you wish to redecorate.

Rest assured all products made at Worthington Millwork are American-made and high-quality. When you are searching for the details that will set your home apart and portray your personal style, keep in mind that ordering a low quality import will show and defeat your purpose. Peruse our website to see all the options that are at your fingertips. Then call us for assistance in ordering the perfect wooden columns for your home. Your style and our quality will give you a finished look to be proud of for years to come.

Information by "blog.worthingtonmillwork.com". 

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