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[Smoothed] Balau Solid Wood 1" x 4" (3 to 14 ft)

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Product details

  • 1" x 4" Inch Balau Hardwood  with Smoothed 4 Surfaced
  • Actual Dimension : 0.75" x 3.75" (19.05mm x 95.25mm)  [Please expect deviation of +/- 1mm]  
  • Length  Available : 3ft to 14 ft
  • Weight : 0.80KG per Feet.
  • Conditions : Smoothed 4 Surfaced (S4S)
  • Species : Balau (Some may call Kayu Resak)
  • Kind : Premium Hardwood - 100% FRESH-CUT BALAU Solid Wood, NOT FINGER JOIN , NOT RECYCLE.
  • All-Weather : Yes
  • Outdoor-Use : Yes (Planing are recommended)
  • "Kayu Balau" is a very famous wood species in Malaysia, as it's density as hard as another famous wood -Chengal, it is suitable to use for heavy propose such as from truck base to supporting beam. It can stand for all weather quite well even untreated. Due to no treatment applied to the wood, it is safe to use as Agriculture.

[Please take note : For all smoothed surface (S4S) and Tongue & Groove (T&G) product will be taken as preorder. Expect 3 to 7 working days to ships depend on ordered quantity.]

This product is suitable to use for : 

  1. Flooring
  2. Decking
  3. Truck related panel
  4. Farming / Gardening
  5. Furniture Support

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